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For over twenty years, the ICHS Alumnae Association, Florida Chapter has been proudly committed to upholding the tradition of excellence Immaculate Conception High School has developed as one of the foremost education institutions in Jamaica.

Formed in 1990 as a charitable, non-profit corporation, we embrace the school's continuous development of outstanding young women, and strive to foster a bond of sisterhood and spirit of support among all alumnae.

Sisterhood, Education and Service

It is truly an honor to serve as President of the ICHS Alumnae Florida Chapter. When I look back at my formative years and the people and places that shaped me, I must give some credence to our Immaculate Conception High School. It is remarkable how much the school has changed over the years but equally, its core values and principles have remained the same. It’s about shaping young women to become the best that they can be in an environment that they can grow and flourish and make a positive impact on society. It is through the embodiment of “Sisterhood, Education and Service" that I have taken this mantle to ensure that we who have benefitted give back to our alma mater.


A good education, lifelong friends, fun memories, good habits, discipline and service – if any or all of these things resonate with you as part of your experience at ICHS, then that is the legacy you have been given. Let’s all say it’s time for us to step up and give back. I look forward to a good run as President and hope my enthusiasm will be contagious and the school benefits greatly from all our efforts.



Janice McIntosh,

Florida Chapter President

2013- Present

ICHS Class of '83

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